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Consultant in Public Health
Tobacco Dependence
Jacques Le Houezec, PhD

PhD in Life and Health Science, Paris VI, 1988.
D.U. in Tabaccology, Paris V, 1987.
D.E.A. in Neuroscience, Paris VI, 1982.
Maîtrise in Biology of organisms and populations, Paris VI, 1981.

Fellowship In
Clinical Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics
University of California, San Francisco (USA), 1991.
1989-1991             University of California, San Francisco
Post-doctoral Fellow In Clinical Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics.
( Scholarship from the National Institutes of Health )
Training emphasized on: Drug actions in human (pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, receptors, drug metabolism, pharmacogenetics, influence of aging, pregnancy, disease states...), toxicity, biostatistics, critical evaluation of literature, design and execution of clinical trials, drug epidemiology, drug regulation, ethics, computer skills, writing/ oral presentation skills.

Formal courses followed at UCSF:
Design and Methods of Clinical Trials. Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Department of Medicine.
Research Methods Workshop (S. Hulley). Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Short course in Clinical Pharmacology (Drug metabolism, A. Correia; Pharmacokinetics, L. Benet, K. Giacomini; Receptors, B. Conklin; Pharmacodynamics, L. Sheiner; Therapeutic drug monitoring, M. Winter). Department of Medicine and Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
Kinetics of Drug Absorption and Disposition (K. Giacomini and S. Oie). Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Biostatistics (J. Hoffman). Cardiovascular Research Institute, School of Medicine.

1984-1988             Université de Paris VI
PhD in Life and Health Science (Doctoral dissertation, November 8, 1988 - Mention Très Honorable). ( Scholarship from the Société de Tabacologie ).
Study on tobacco dependence mechanisms: Behavioral effects of tobacco alkaloids and quest of an animal model.
1987 Université de Paris V : Diploma in Tobaccology
1983       Military Service.

1979-1982              Université de Paris VI
D.E.A. in Neurosciences
. (Memoir: Depth perception and ocular fixation movements in the Pigeon).
MAITRISE in Biology of organisms and populations, mention Animal Biology
(Certificates: Zoology, Animal Physiology, Psychophysiology, Neurophysiology).
1976-1979        Université de Paris VI
D.E.U.G. in Nature and Life Science

1977       Baccalauréat, série D, Meaux (77)