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Professional experience

Since October 2004         Self-employed
Scientific adviser in Tobacco Dependence

nov. 1999-sept. 2004       Pfizer, R&D Consumer Healthcare (ex-Pharmacia)
Scientific and Medical Adviser
Worked at international level in collaboration with Scientific information, and Medical, Regulatory, Pharmaceutical, Analytical and Project Management. Help these departments on questions related to tobacco dependence and nicotine pharmacology. Participation in internal training on nicotine pharmacology and dependence processes. Presentations in scientific conferences and trainings, and writing of reports and scientific papers.

1993-1999     Self-employed (full time between 1998 and Nov. 1999)      Paris
Consultant in Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology
Scientific advisor, Consultant in Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology for pharmaceutical industry (study design, expert reports, article writing, literature search...) and Governmental bodies (Ministry of Health, Regulatory Authorities, Health Education Authority…).

1992-1998     Hôpital de la Salpêtrière       Paris
Cognitive and psychopharmacological aspects of dependence processes and effects of psychoactive drugs. Event Related Potentials, including recording and data management (InstEP systems , Ottawa, Canada) and statistical analyses (SAS ). Responsible for IT environment.
1992 - LENA-CNRS URA 654: Cognitive Psychophysiology, Psycho- and Neuropathology. Dir. Bernard Renault.
1993-98 - CNRS URA 1957: Personality and Adaptive Behaviors. Dir. Roland Jouvent.

1989-1991     University of California      San Francisco
Post-doctoral Fellow (Scholarship from the National Institutes of Health)
Pharmacodynamics of nicotine and cotinine on human information processing.
Clinical aspect: Design and realization of clinical studies. Analytical aspect: Gas Chromatography assays (nicotine, cotinine, caffeine). Pharmacokinetics aspect: Data fitting (MKmodel) and statistical analysis (SAS). Pharmacodynamics aspect: Reaction time and visual Event-Related Potentials recording and analysis. Data treatment (ERPsystem under ASYST) and statistical analysis (SAS).
Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center (Pr. Neal L. Benowitz) and, Psychophysiology laboratory, Veterans Administration Medical Center (Pr. Emeritus Enoch Callaway).

1984-1989     U.F.R. Biomédicale des Saints-Pères (Paris V)      Paris
PhD Student and research scientist
Behavioral pharmacology of nicotine in rats, and research on dependence processes (tobacco, alcohol, opiates). Bioavailability of oral nicotine. Analgesic and aversive effects of nicotine. Quest of an animal model of tobacco dependence.
Laboratoire de Médecine Expérimentale, (Pr. Robert Molimard), U.F.R. Biomédicale des Saints-Pères, Université René Descartes (Paris V).

1981-1982     Université P. et M. Curie (Paris VI)      Paris
D.E.A. Student
Binocular vision in the Pigeon: Study of depth perception by operate conditioning associated with EOG recording (Pr. Yves Galifret).
Consultant in Public Health
Tobacco Dependence
Jacques Le Houezec, PhD