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Jacques Le Houezec, PhD
Consultant in Public Health, Tobacco Dependence
Amzer Glas

Plan to attend the 14th SRNT Europe conference, 30 August-02 September 2012, Helsinki, Finland : http://www.srnteurope.org/2012.

www.treatobacco.net is a website created and maintained by SRNT, and supported by SSA which will be of value to policy makers, researchers, clinicians, teachers - anyone needing information they can trust on the treatment of tobacco dependence. It is managed by SRNT and is unique in presenting free, independent, evidence based information on tobacco dependence treatment, in 11 languages.
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Amzer Glas
176, rue de Brest
F-35000 Rennes

Mobile :
+33 6 87 75 18 44

In Breton :
Amzer = weather
Glas = blue / green
PhD in Life and Health Science (CV)
Expertise : Addiction - Basic and clinical psychopharmacology of dependence processes (nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, opiates…) - Clinical Pharmacology - Cognitive Neuroscience - Electrophysiology (Event-Related Potentials).
Last update : 03/07/2012